Blink: 23,000 Charging Points on the Road to Transition to Electric Vehicles

During the South America Summit organized by Latam Mobility, the Senior Director of Blink Charging, Juan Carlos Barahona, explained the key points that must be addressed to achieve the transition to a more sustainable and effective mobility, highlighting the steps taken by the company to strengthen the confidence of drivers on the sector.

The representative exposed that diversity of chargers and plugs available accelerate the need to implement a recharging infrastructure that encourages driver confidence so they can embrace electromobility.

“The lack of standards and regulations related to charging points are some of the barriers that negatively influence a person to purchase an electric vehicle” were some of Barahona’s first impressions.

To turn this situation around, Blink is in responsible for designing, manufacturing and operating charging stations for electric vehicles, with more than 12 years of experience in 17 countries in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East, turning the organization into a key player for the development of green energy.

“Our company has not only had the time, but also the experience in multiple environments. From nations just starting out, to those on the road to mobile sustainability. Those experiences allow us to adapt our business plans to each client’s and each country’s needs,” Barahona added.

It is important to note that the firm based in Florida, USA, has installed more than 23,000 chargers worldwide. The representative emphasized: “These figures will continue to increase as the days go by until they massively populate specific sectors and places in each country”.

Juan Carlos added that Blink’s objective has transcended from the beginning of operations: “Electrifying more than vehicles, reaching the heart of every person who decides to take a sustainable car home is also a priority. There, it plays a key role in consumers’ choice to opt for an electric car.”

New Blink Charger in Detail: IQ 200

Blink has combined technology and elegance to offer electromobility users the new IQ 200 charger, which has a maximum output of 80A. The connector type is J1772, compatible with all vehicles of American, Korean or Japanese manufacture, making it adaptable to numerous models of electric cars on the market.

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