ABB Terra 360: Details of the World’s Fastest and Most Compact Charging Station

The Terra 360 from ABB is the world’s fastest and most compact high-power charging station for electric vehicles, facilitating the transition to sustainable mobility in the automotive sector.

In this regard, the Terra 360 can provide a maximum output power of 360 kW, equivalent to the energy required by 70,000 5W LED bulbs. Thus, electric vehicles have varying power needs, with options ranging from 90 kW to the full 360 kW.

This charger can charge up to four vehicles simultaneously, increasing charging availability and reducing waiting times for a charger to become free.

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(Source: ABB)

With a size comparable to a fuel pump station, the Terra 360 is more compact than chargers with separate power cabinets, allowing its installation in small depots or parking lots with limited space.

ABB: More on the Terra 360

The Terra 360 is equipped with a lighting system that indicates charger availability. A high-resolution screen guides the user through the charging process and displays relevant information, such as the battery’s state of charge (SoC) and the remaining time for optimal charging.

The charger is accessible to people in wheelchairs and features a soft retraction system that keeps the 5-meter charging cable always secure and ready to use, making it easy for drivers to plug in with minimal effort.

(Photo: ABB)

A unique feature of the Terra 360 is its charging cable, which can be air or liquid-cooled, enabling safe and continuous charging.

Finally, beyond serving private electric vehicle drivers at service stations, convenience stores, and retail establishments, Terra 360 chargers can also be installed at commercial facilities of organizations to charge cars, vans, and electric trucks.

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