Achievements to Position Copec as a Key Player for Electromobility in Chile

One of the reasons for Chile to be at the forefront of electric mobility in Latin America is the presence of companies committed to the energy transition, through an articulated work with the public sector.

In this sense, Copec, through Copec Voltex, has implemented a series of moves to lead electromobility in Chilean territory and expand its operations in South America.

Among the company’s main goals are to continuously strengthen the country’s electric charging infrastructure – in public transport, on the road, in public spaces and also in homes – in order to encourage the growing use of electric vehicles.

Electroterminal Construction

The Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications is promoting a project to renew public transport with 991 electric buses and 649 ecological buses. In this context, Copec will build 10 of the 13 new electric terminals and will supply the energy for 80 percent of the new fleet.

The new electric terminals will have 197 Copec Voltex fast chargers, making the company the largest supplier of energy for electric buses in Chile.

Beat Zero

Other important projects of Copec to strengthen its position as a key player in electric mobility in Chile, is the charging infrastructure with the Beat mobility application and its “Beat Zero” service, a new option for travel in 100% electric cars and with hired drivers. Copec Voltex implemented a new and modern Hub, which functions as a recharging center exclusively for driver-partners.

Wide Offering

The prestigious company offers an ecosystem of new energy solutions: electromobility, 100% renewable energy commercialization, intelligent storage through AI batteries, photovoltaic energy and an energy efficiency platform. This value offer puts at the center a considerable improvement in the reduction of carbon footprint, a key aspect to accompany the development of companies, people and the country.

International Recognition

In the midst of the difficulties posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Copec continued with its commitment to sustainability and mobility, aspects that were recognized by international indexes on the subject.

Recently, the company was included for the second consecutive year in the Sustainability Yearbook, an annual report by the global consulting firm S&P, which evaluates the world’s leading companies by market capitalization in terms of their social, environmental and economic performance.

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