ALD Automotive | LeasePlan Projects Sustainable Mobility Growth in 2024

With a very positive closing of 2023 for vehicle leasing and data reflecting its recovery to pre-pandemic levels, 2024 looks like a promising year for the sector.

Through a report, ALD Automotive | LeasePlan analyzes what will be the key developments during this year, in which sustainable, efficient, technologically advanced and customized solutions are set to be a sure success in the industry.

The company points out in its publication that growing environmental awareness is driving demand for greener fleets, mainly electric and hybrid vehicles.

This renewal of the vehicle fleet will not only avoid traffic restrictions and adaptation to current regulations, but will also actively contribute to the reduction of the carbon footprint.

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Ayvens, an ALD brand, through its strategic plan PowerUP 2026, has projected that electrified vehicles will account for 50% of new car registrations by 2026, of which 40% will be BEVs and 10% PHEVs, in addition to a fourfold increase in the use of electric solutions.

As a result, CO2 emissions from the fleet in operation are expected to be reduced to less than 90 g/km on average by 2026, which represents an impactful and immediate contribution to the company’s climate strategy and is in line with its Net Zero 2050 trajectory.

ALD also believes that a commitment to technology and data analytics will continue to be a key strategy for leasing in the transformation of the user experience.

R&D&I in this sense facilitates fleet planning and optimizes interaction with customers, since online platforms favor the personalization of services, facilitate contracting processes and allow real-time monitoring of parameters such as vehicle location, among others.

Adaptation to Every Need

Today, users are demanding greater personalization of mobility.

In this sense, companies are looking for new tailor-made solutions that adapt to their customers’ needs and, to this end, are including greater flexibility in contracts: they increasingly allow for adjustments in contract duration, mileage and renewal options.

The circular economy will consolidate its upward trend in vehicle leasing, and the reuse, recycling and disposal of end-of-life vehicles will become standard practice for both companies and users.

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