Aleatica Unveils “Arena of the Future” at Latam Mobility: Mexico 2023


Mexico City became the epicenter of mobility and sustainability in the continent with the meeting “Latam Mobility: Mexico 2023“, organized by the largest sustainable mobility community in the region, Latam Mobility.

The meeting was attended by Itzel Meyenberg Valero, Global Communications Director of Aleatica, an infrastructure operating company, with mobility assets, such as ports, airports, highways, urban and interstate roads, with presence in seven countries in Latin America and Europe, formed by almost 2,800 people.

“At Aleatica, we are trying to anticipate the mobility needs of the next 20 years: we want asphalt to be much more than a transportation infrastructure that allows us to connect goods and people to their destinations, and to boost the competitiveness of regions,” Meyenberg said.

“We are confident that asphalt can do much more for us, if we design it with sustainability in mind. At Aleatica, all our assets privilege sustainability, safety and innovation, and we know that the transportation sector is one of the main emitters of greenhouse gases, with 37% of CO2 emissions”, emphasized the executive.

Arena del Futuro

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Aleatica’s Technology

On the road to zero emissions to keep the global temperature increase, and following the signing of the 2015 Paris Agreement, it becomes essential to work together to advance in multiple points, one of them being very important: technology.

In 2020, following Aleatica‘s Innova Awards, an internal competition where teams from all the countries where it has presence present innovative projects, and one of the winners was called Arena of the Future.

“It began to study in Italy the Electric Road System, a system of electric road tracks that allows electric vehicles to be charged while they are circulating. From there was born the technology known as Dynamics Wireless Power Transfer to electrify the road through the asphalt and by induction,” explained Itzel Meyenberg.

Arena del Futuro

“Arena del Futuro” is an experimental circuit of one kilometer located on a road in northern Italy, which connects Brescia with Milan, where vehicles are recharged by an innovative system that allows the direct transfer of energy to the vehicles while driving, through plates or coils located under the asphalt and the car.

In terms of transfer, the energy of the coils from the asphalt to the vehicle is 88%. A high number, but in addition to being a zero-emission mobility system, we are looking for a smart road that guarantees the highest level of road safety. That is fundamental for us,” emphasized the Aleatica representative.

“The Italian project, “Arena del Futuro”, has brought together companies, institutions and academia, the most recognized in their sectors, which shows us that union is strength. Multi-sectoral collaboration brings radical and real solutions to the table,” concluded Itzel Meyenberg.

Following is the first day of “Latam Mobility: Mexico 2023

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