Blink Charging and AES Continue to Expand Charging Infrastructure in El Salvador

Blink Charging and AES continue working hand in hand to strengthen the charging infrastructure in Central America, with the installation of charging points in strategic locations.

AES El Salvador announced that by the end of 2023 it will offer 10 charging stations to electric vehicle users. The charging points will be installed in service stations, shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, and will connect more than 325 kilometers.

Roberto Sandoval, AES El Salvador’s General Manager of the Solutions Division, pointed out that one of the main challenges in the implementation of electromobility in the country is the coverage of charging points for electric vehicles with the support of Blink Charging.

Attributes of the Centers

The new charging point, located at the Texaco Juan Pablo gas station in San Salvador, has much more powerful chargers with 19.2 kilowatts, surpassing the 7.4 kilowatts with which they started.

“There has to be a charging network so that concessionaires are encouraged to bring more vehicles, this must also be accompanied by improvements to the Electromobility Law,” said Sandoval.

The executive assured that one of the economic advantages is that the current cost per kilowatt is $0.39 and a “tancada” has an approximate cost of $15, while a tancada of 12 gallons of gasoline is around $60. The price varies according to the national energy tariff.

Currently the electric vehicle fleet is 280 vehicles, 80 are fully electric and the rest are hybrids.
“This has been rising but has been incipient, what we say is that there has to be a charging network so that dealers are encouraged to bring more vehicles, this must also be accompanied with the improvements that have been requested to the Electromobility Law”, added Sandoval.

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Patricia Baires, business development manager for Latin America at Blink Charging, explained that they are bringing their experience and solutions to the Salvadoran market, developing and applying innovative technologies in the manufacture of charging stations for electric vehicles, promoting the adoption of sustainable transport in more than 27 countries.

AES currently has 25 charging stations for its electric vehicles installed at its operating sites. By the end of 2023, it plans to have a network of 35 of its own chargers and 10 in public access locations together with Blink, totaling 45 charging points.

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