Brazil Strengthens Freight Rail Transport After Resuming Several Investments

Last Friday, a dozen fuel-efficient, low-emission locomotives designed to withstand Brazil’s climatic conditions were delivered in Contagem.

These machines are prepared to transport large loads through steep terrains and sharp curves, intended for operation by Ferrovia Centro Atlântica SA (FCA).

“I have dedicated 42 years to the railroads, starting at thirteen as an office boy. I have built my career and professional life in this field. Being part of this project is a great satisfaction because I know that our work impacts all of Brazil,” said Renato Moreno, Industrial Manager.

(Credit: Ministry of Transportation)

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Brazil: Sustainable Mobility by Train

The Centro Atlântica Railroad, the longest in Brazil, spans seven states. Now, with an approximate investment of R$ 300 million by its administrator, these locomotives are intended to meet the growing demand for transporting grains, sugar, fertilizers, and other products, mainly between Goiás, Minas Gerais, and São Paulo.

“These machines already have a very strong sustainability footprint. They can reduce emissions by 20% compared to other equipment and, despite having more power, can even run on biodiesel,” said George Santoro, ExecutiveSecretary of the Ministry of Transportation.

(Credit: Ministry of Transportation)

“This is what we want: to expand the public sustainability policy for a mode that is already very sustainable,” he concluded.

On the other hand, regarding the locomotives (ES43BBi), they are designed for heavy transport and offer performance on steep slopes, narrow tunnels, and roads with sharp curves.

They stand out for their low life cycle cost and long maintenance intervals. Finally, they are prepared to integrate software solutions that can significantly improve efficiency and safety, optimizing train operations.

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