Brazilian Senate to Vote on Law to Promote Decarbonization of Automotive Sector

The Brazilian Senate is set to approve a significant bill this Wednesday introducing the Green Mobility and Innovation Program (Mover), aimed at increasing decarbonization requirements for the country’s automotive fleet.

This proposal was sent to Congress by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in March of this year and received approval from the Chamber of Deputies last Tuesday, marking progress towards reducing carbon emissions in the transportation sector.

In this regard, the Mover program has been created to provide financial credits to companies investing in technologies and processes geared towards vehicle decarbonization.

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Starting in 2024, the Brazilian government will allocate 3.5 billion reais (625 million euros) to this program, increasing the amount annually to reach 4.1 billion reais (732 million euros) by 2028.

Allocation of funds in Brazil

In total, 19.3 billion reais (3.447 billion euros) will be invested in a joint effort to transform the automotive sector and decrease its carbon footprint.

The financing provided by Mover will facilitate Brazilian companies in adopting electric and hybrid vehicles, as well as improving charging infrastructure and promoting research into new transportation technologies.

These investments will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions while laying the groundwork to position Brazil as a global leader in innovation and sustainability within the automotive industry.

Finally, to enable companies to meet the mandatory requirements of the program, Mover will offer financial credits proportionally to investments in R&D.

These credits will vary between 0.50 reais and 3.20 reais for every real invested, though it should be noted that they are subject to minimum percentages, yet to be specified within the regulations.

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Latam Mobility & Net Zero Colombia 2024

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