BYD Impacts on the Electromobility World with Pioneering Intelligent System and Supercar

A new gem has been unveiled from Asia. BYD, with its ambitious electrification plan, has once again dazzled the world with the presentation of a new car with cutting-edge technology and innovative energy savings.

The company also unveiled the BYD DiSus Intelligent Body Control System at a technology launch event held at its Shenzhen headquarters.

Regarding the car, it is a four-motor electric super sports car under its Yangwang luxury sub-brand, U9 EV. The new offering, based on the company’s new platform, also debuts its DiSus body control system.

The company calls this new suspension platform the most advanced in the industry globally and allows the EV to “dance,” ride on three wheels and even jump.

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Pioneering Technology

The BYD DiSus System, developed by BYD, is designed exclusively for NEVs, making BYD the first Chinese automaker to own the intelligent body control technology. The BYD DiSus System significantly improves the driving experience of its users.

In this regard, Wang Chuanfu, president of BYD, explained that the BYD DiSus System is the first self-developed intelligent body control system launched by a Chinese automaker.

BYD’s DiSus system is divided into three branches: the intelligent damped body control system (DiSus-C), the intelligent pneumatic body control system (DiSus-A) and the intelligent hydraulic body control system (DiSus-P).

The system offered by BYD is similar to active suspension systems such as Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control and Mercedes-Benz Magic Body Control.

The structure can help reduce body roll, counteract difficult off-road situations, reduce aerodynamic drag and increase efficiency.

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