BYD Supports “Car Free Day” Initiative in Bogota

In line with its roadmap that promotes sustainable mobility and new technologies to develop zero-emission vehicles, BYD Colombia widely supported the first “Car Free Day” in Bogota, held on Thursday, February 2.

The initiative seeks to reduce vehicle emissions and promote other means of transportation to reduce traffic congestion in the capital of Colombia.

According to projections, around 1,850,000 private cars and 430,000 motorcycles stopped circulating.

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Transportation Alternatives

Currently in Bogotá, BYD has 1,472 electric buses operating in Transmilenio, avoiding with this fleet the emission of 94,300 tons of CO2 per year, equivalent to planting 2,500,000 trees.

Additionally, the manufacturer has 50 electric cabs in operation in Colombia for 10 years, with an average of 600,000 km per vehicle and according to its official website, it is the only brand that offers the most complete portfolio of electric trucks, ranging from light to heavy duty units.

“We invite Bogotanos to make use of the entire BYD line of electric mobility solutions for public and private transportation, taking into account that these vehicles will be exempt from restrictions during the day,” said Juan Luis Mesa, General Manager of BYD Colombia prior to the date.

“All citizens of Bogota are invited to contribute in a special way to reverse the effects of climate change, which in turn will bring us as a brand closer to achieving our global goal of supporting the reduction of 1°C the temperature of the planet,” said the executive.

All BYD electric vehicles were in operation without any restrictions during the day. “This is an opportunity to invite more Colombians to join the trend of electric mobility and experience all its benefits. BYD is committed to continue supporting the promotion of this sector in Colombia with a sustainable planet in mind,” added Mesa.

Other Benefits

In addition to the reduction of CO2 emissions, BYD electric mobility vehicles will contribute significantly to the reduction of noise pollution in Bogota.

The country already has a National Strategy for Sustainable Electric Mobility and an institutional and regulatory framework that encourages the use of electric vehicles.

It contemplates the incorporation of 600,000 electric vehicles by 2030 as a goal. Likewise, it aims that all public service units used in Mass Transportation Systems be electrified or with zero polluting emissions by 2035.

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