CeNeutral: Driving Electric Mobility in Mexico

The transition towards more sustainable forms of mobility is necessary at this moment due to the climate emergency, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In this regard, CeNeutral has emerged as a key player in driving electric mobility in Mexico.

Thus, CeNeutral has established itself as the leading Mexican company specialized in the installation of electric charging stations for fleets. With a solid track record, the company has positioned itself as a reference in the sector.

The impact of CeNeutral facilitates the adoption of electric vehicles at the corporate level, playing a significant role in reducing emissions of polluting gases and contributing to progress towards a more sustainable and cleaner future.

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CeNeutral in Action

The company offers comprehensive solutions for energy supply, electric vehicle charging, specialized consultancy, personalized planning, sale and rental of equipment, professional installation, 24/7 digital monitoring of charging stations, preventive and corrective maintenance, as well as continuous technical support.

(Source: CeNeutral)

In fact, by June 2023, CeNeutral had deployed over 2,000 charging stations across various locations in Mexico, driving the transition towards more sustainable mobility by facilitating the adoption of electric vehicles by companies in their respective industries.

Latam Mobility & NetZero México 2024

In Mexican territory, Latam Mobility closes the 2024 tour, in its efforts as part of the main networking and value generation network in Latin America, Invest in Latam, which includes initiatives such as Latam Green, in the field of sustainability, and H2 Business News, linked to clean fuels.


In October, Latam Mobility: Mexico 2024″ will be held at the Word Trade Center in Mexico City, at a key moment for the development and promotion of new technologies that make up the sustainable mobility environment.

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