Chile: Authorities Introduce Project to Renovate Electric Bus Line

Osorno, a city in the south central zone of Chile, in the Los Lagos region, received good news on its way to massify electromobility, with the visit of the Minister of Transport, Juan Carlos Muñoz.

The minister explained that this is a project that will include electric buses, defined terminals and an arrangement of urban microbuses in the locality.

In the coming weeks, a process of citizen participation will begin, so that the new urban transportation system will be implemented in 2025.

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Project Evaluation

Muñoz pointed out that at the end of this year they will open the contest so that people can present their proposals for the renovation of the city’s entire fleet, involving all the transport lines.

In that line, he assured that several of these lines will be required to implement electrified units. “Of course, electromobility is a little slower to bring in than diesel buses, which are easier to bring in,” he said.

However, he clarified that this will depend on the studies to be carried out during the second semester. The Minister’s announcement comes at a time when the contracts with local transport entrepreneurs, which were part of a plan that aimed to guarantee frequencies and coverage, expired.

“There is an operational continuity that will be provided. We are in conversation precisely with the operators, in which they maintain a scheme in which they continue to receive subsidies from the authority, in order to be able to provide the frequency, the operation schedules”, he emphasized.

Finally, Minister Juan Carlos Muñoz insisted that the resources are committed to electromobility in Osorno by 2025, which includes the purchase of electric buses, the number of which is expected to be defined in the midst of the citizen participation process.

Latam Mobility Chile

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