Chile Incorporates 42 New Electric Buses

The Chilean cities of Coquimbo and La Serena will soon have their first 42 electric buses, to consolidate their leadership with more electrified units outside China.

The buses will connect urban sectors of both cities and will benefit more than 8,000 people daily and more than 2.3 million annually, according to official figures.

In Santiago de Chile, 214 new vehicles were added to the capital’s transport network to replace diesel buses that were circulating in the south.

Photo: El Serenense

Further Progress

In mid-2023, Santiago added 10 double-decker electric buses to its public fleet, making it the first city in the Americas to have this type of vehicle and joining metropolises, such as London, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Electric mobility started to reach the regions. Antofagasta became the first city outside Santiago to have electric buses.

In this regard, the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Juan Carlos Muñoz, pointed out that cities are not going to be more attractive or more sustainable if all citizens travel by car. “That means congestion, noise and pollution. We need to advance just the opposite,” he said.

Latam Mobility in Chile

In August, Latam Mobility, the largest sustainable mobility community in Latin America, will arrive again in Santiago for its 2024 meeting.

The two-day event will bring together the most prominent industry leaders, along with public sector personalities, to offer their perspectives on advances in sustainable mobility, electromobility and sustainability.

More information about the meeting and participation here

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