Colombia: Monteria Celebrates Sustainable Mobility Day

At the beginning of February, Monteria, Colombia, experienced a historic day with the Sustainable Mobility Day, a day that seeks to contribute to the care and preservation of the environment.

As part of this initiative, the Mayor’s Office of Monteria has carried out several activities that promote the use of alternative means of transportation, in addition to practices aimed at protecting the environment.

The Mayor of Montería, Hugo Kerguelén García, described the day as successful in which the streets of the city were transformed through the use of alternative means such as cycling and walking.

“We want to reduce our carbon footprint and build together a cleaner and healthier future,” he said.

Photo: Alcaldía Montería

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Starting Point

The official stated that the day represents the perfect opportunity to articulate the municipality’s educational institutions and create environmental awareness in the youngest. For this reason, the city’s schools became the place where dozens of trees were planted, and the epicenter of countless recreational and sports activities.

In addition, in the Ronda Centro, students and lovers of the flora and fauna of the city, enjoyed a pleasant ecological walk in which experts shared their knowledge about the species present in this place and concluded with a bird watching.

Meanwhile, in the Plaza Cultural del Sinú, the municipal administration deployed its institutional offerings, offering citizens various services such as regular vaccinations, deworming of pets, and attention in Sisbén and health insurance.

Another important initiative was the one implemented by the Traffic Department by demarcating the zebra located at 35th Street and First Avenue.

“We linked to the Sustainable Mobility Day, in front of the Plaza María Varilla we made the demarcation of the zebra, all this in order to create spaces for pedestrians so they can cross safely,” explained the head of the portfolio, María Fernanda López.

The initiatives in Monteria join the inauguration of the School of Sustainable Mobility in Bogota or the change of horseback rides in Cartagena for electric cars, evidencing the momentum of Colombia this 2024 in terms of mobility.

Latam Mobility Colombia 2024

Latam Mobility, the largest sustainable mobility community in Latin America, will arrive again in Medellin for its 2024 meeting.

The two-day event, on June 4 and 5, will bring together the most prominent industry leaders, along with public sector personalities, to offer their perspectives on advances in sustainable mobility, electromobility and sustainability.

More information about the meeting and participation here

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