Copec and Porsche Partner to Expand Charging Network in Chile

With the aim of offering charging points compatible with all electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles, considering the possibility of installation and maintenance of equipment by specialized technicians, Porsche recently introduced the Porsche Destination Charging network, which maintains a joint work with various strategic partners in the energy sector, including Copec Voltex.

The service concept of the innovative points of the German brand allows customers to choose the center that suits them best. As part of its goal to be carbon neutral by 2030, Porsche Chile sealed an agreement with Copec Voltex to advance in the development of the public and private charging network in the country.

The alliance between Porsche and Copec Voltex contemplates the installation of new charging points in strategic public places, in addition to charging ports at the residence of each of the customers who purchase electric or plug-in hybrid models from the company.

Big Step Towards Electric Mobility

For Porsche‘s Manager in Chile, Vicente Díaz, the partnership will enable faster progress in the transition to electromobility and will help contribute to the public and private charging network.

“This agreement seeks to give our customers greater peace of mind and make their road trips easier and more comfortable, thanks to the Porsche Destination Charging network, which promotes free charging of electric and plug-in hybrid models in specific public places, and Porsche Home Charging, which offers customers home charging points,” he explained.

Executives from Porsche and Copec Voltex seal alliance / Photo: Porsche newsroom

For his part, the CEO of Copec Voltex, Francisco Larrondo assured that they are committed to the energy transition, which is why they have adapted all their service models to the changes demanded by the technological and Environmental juncture.

“We will continue to break down barriers to entry to massify electromobility and introduce renewable energies to the market. Alliances such as this one with Porsche allow us to continue encouraging the use of electric vehicles and to continue accompanying people, companies and the country in the process of transformation towards renewable energies and electromobility”, he emphasized.

The Porsche Destination Charging supply centers can be found through the website, which includes a visible charging map that shows the charging network free of charge for customers in hotels, restaurants, golf courses and sports centers, among other places.

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