COPEC to Implement the Mining Industry’s Largest Electromobility Project after Winning the Chargers for More than 150 Codelco Electric Buses

Copec Voltex will install the charging system for electric buses that transport workers of the El Teniente, Andina and Chuquicamata divisions. With this, the company consolidates its position in the industry and reinforces its commitment to the companies in this sector in its transformation process towards an increasingly sustainable mining industry.

Copec was awarded a new tender by Codelco that will allow it to implement the largest electromobility project ever developed in the mining industry. Copec Voltex will be the company in charge of providing 94 charging points that will power more than 150 electric buses for personnel transportation in three divisions of the state-owned mining company: El Teniente, Andina and Chuquicamata.

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Copec Voltex will install 48 fast charging points in El Teniente for buses converted to electric energy by the companies Reborn and Link Service. After their installation, this division of Codelco will have 100% of its fleet of buses for internal personnel under electric power operation. In addition, the 130-kilometer daily route through the tunnels will reduce emissions and improve ventilation inside the mine.

The project also includes the installation of another 20 charging points in Rancagua that will power the buses that transport workers from the city to El Teniente, thus reinforcing the charging structure in the region.

On the other hand, in the Andina division, Copec Voltex will install 8 charging points for six buses and a van of the company Buses JM. Meanwhile, in Chuquicamata, the company will install two 150 kW fast charging points for Buses JM and another 16 to operate the buses of Transportes Géminis, thus developing a process of renovation within the mine, which will reduce its polluting emissions.

Copec‘s project considers the complete service of installation of the chargers, maintenance and remote monitoring in Codelco‘s three divisions. Thus consolidating its offer by supplying the charging system for around 200 electric buses -in total- in the mining industry.

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