CRE Highlights the Importance of a Regulatory Perspective for Electromobility in Mexico at the “North America Mobility & Net Zero Summit 2024”

Commissioner Walter Julián Ángel of the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) gave an interesting presentation during the North America Mobility & Net Zero Summit 2024, held on February 8 in the city of Monterrey.

In his speech, Ángel highlighted the importance of establishing a solid regulatory framework for the integration of electromobility into the national energy system. He began his speech by expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to occupy this position and announcing important administrative provisions related to electromobility.

Walter Julián Ángel

Among these, he highlighted the forthcoming issuance of general administrative provisions and the development of official Mexican standards to regulate products and processes in the field of electromobility.

In this sense, he went on to reveal the concerns addressed, such as the need to guarantee the safety and efficiency of the national electric system in the face of the growing use of electric vehicles. He pointed out that the projected demand for 2036 will be significant and that regulation is key to manage this transition effectively.

Walter Julián Ángel

Regulatory Framework: Private Sector and Society

The commissioner outlined the importance of social sector participation in the energy sector, in line with the provisions of Article 25 of the Mexican Constitution, emphasizing the need to establish a clear regulatory framework that encourages the participation of both the private sector and the social sector to ensure equitable and sustainable development.

In addition, Angel emphasized the importance of addressing the risks associated with electromobility: Safety of charging systems and potential impacts on the national electricity grid. He proposed concrete measures to promote safety and efficiency in the charging infrastructure, as well as to ensure fair prices in the sale of energy for electric vehicle charging.

In his speech, Angel also highlighted the need to adopt a systemic approach to address energy challenges, recognizing the interconnectedness between the different elements of the energy system.

Walter Julián Ángel

He commented on the relevance of energy efficiency as a starting point to address the energy transition and emphasized the responsibility of the State in regulating the market to ensure the general interest.

Thus, he appeared in Monterrey during the North America Mobility & Net Zero Summit 2024 to present a comprehensive vision of the challenges and opportunities associated with the integration of electromobility into the Mexican energy system.

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