Dominican Republic: Regulations to Govern Electric Mobility Market Approved

The Superintendencia de Electricidad (SIE) of the Dominican Republic issued the “Reglamento Técnico para Estaciones de Recargas de Vehículos Eléctricos” (Technical Regulation for Electric Vehicle Recharging Stations) and the “Reglamento de Tarifas Aplicables a las Estaciones de Recargas de Vehículos Eléctricos” (Regulation of Rates Applicable to Electric Vehicle Recharging Stations).

The regulations are aimed at increasing efforts to promote sustainability and decarbonization of the transportation sector, through the participation of electric vehicles in the Dominican vehicle fleet.

Both regulations, which are part of the new regulatory framework for electric mobility, seek to promote healthy competition and regulate the prices of those activities that may represent a monopolistic character, establishing rates with economic criteria of efficiency and equity in a competitive market.

In addition, they will guarantee that the supply and commercialization of electricity will be carried out with criteria of neutrality and without discrimination, while ensuring the protection of the rights of electric vehicle users and guaranteeing compliance with their obligations.

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Market Transparency

For the Superintendent of Electricity, Andrés Astacio, these new regulations will allow all the actors involved in electric mobility to have all the rules of the game clear.

“This will contribute to the further development of the electromobility sector in our country, which currently has 13,735 electrified vehicles, which have a positive impact on the environment, through the reduction of the carbon footprint of the transportation sector, the fourth most polluting in the world,” he explained.

He emphasized that the SIE is creating the conditions for the electric mobility market to be more competitive and to have a regulatory framework that guarantees the optimal conditions for its operability in the country, which the regulatory entity will achieve gradually, in line with the opportunities offered by electric mobility to achieve the environmental goals set by the Dominican Republic.

Through these regulations, the SIE reaffirms its regulatory role of guaranteeing compliance with quality, safety, design and operation standards for electric vehicle charging systems, including residential and commercial tariff aspects, as well as procedures and authorizations for the installation of charging infrastructures.

Likewise, with the publication of these regulations, the agency promotes a government committed to transparency, ethics and efficiency.

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