Enel X Launches Electric Waste Truck in Chile

With the aim of reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 42 tons on an average route, Enel X and the Municipality of Vitacura, Chile, presented an electric truck for waste collection.

The Maxus vehicle, provided by Enel X and operated by Starco, has an autonomy of 250 kilometers and will travel between 100 and 120 kilometers per day.

Incorporating electric mobility into the household waste collection system generates wide-ranging benefits for the community in terms of improving their quality of life and reducing environmental pollution levels.

Photo: Enel X

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Charging Infrastructure

As part of this electromobility project and seeking to ensure the charging supply of the collection truck, Enel X incorporated 1 fast charger of 150 kW of installed power, with 2 hoses, in Starco’s electroterminal.

The Mayor of Vitacura, Camila Merino, expressed her satisfaction with the public-private partnership that will allow testing an electric truck to collect household waste with less noise and without emitting greenhouse gases.

“With this we are contributing to our planet and to a better quality of life for all our neighbors,” she said.

For his part, Orlando Meneses, Enel X‘s City and Government Manager, said that this project together with the Municipality of Vitacura will allow to promote sustainability within the commune and will lay the foundations for a greater adoption of clean and renewable energies in the management of household waste in the country.

“We are making visible how electromobility can be a key element in the development of increasingly intelligent and sustainable cities,” he said.

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