Enel X Way Remains MotoE’s Official Charging Infrastructure Provider

Enel X Way’s charging technology will continue to support the MotoE electric motorcycle competition as the main sponsor of the innovative sporting event.

During the official presentation of a new season of the championship, Elisabetta Ripa, CEO of Enel X Way, highlighted that as an official smart charging partner they will apply their expertise to provide the championship with a sustainable charging solution.

“We will provide two charging systems integrated in a fully sustainable microgrid that also includes a series of battery storage systems and solar panels,” the executive explained.

She detailed that the solution, developed specifically for the tournament, allows to demonstrate that through innovation and research and development activities they can offer the best performance in the field of electric mobility.

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A Test Lab

The MotoE, which now faces the World Cup, represents a technological space for electric mobility and is a test bench for new charging solutions.

For Ripa, the most important challenge is to concentrate all the power needed to drive these racing vehicles in MotoE recharging. “The tournament is an opportunity to test how technology within everyone’s reach today can be used in extreme cases such as those in motorsport, and then feed the whole circle of sustainability. It’s not just an issue of charging infrastructure but of sustainable supply of the energy used to recharge these vehicles.”

General Charging Infrastructure

On Enel X Way projects on a global scale, Ripa detailed that the interesting thing about electric mobility is that not only is there a way to recharge at the service station but there is the possibility of supplying energy when the car is parked.

She stressed that high-speed charging infrastructure is a freer, more innovative and digital way to experience mobility and lends itself to all needs.

“For this year we need to accelerate even more, we certainly want to continue with this step to increase the high-power charging infrastructure, which we develop through partnerships,” she pointed out.

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