Evergo Recognized as “Sustainable Service of the Year”

Evergo received the “Sustainable Service of the Year” award at the 2023 Sustainability Awards, presented by Business Intelligence Group.

BIntelligence highlights Evergo‘s solution to address the global sustainability challenges of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering a greener, cleaner transportation system.

With an innovative charging infrastructure, Evergo aims to encourage more people to make the transition from traditional internal combustion vehicles to electric vehicles, which emit no polluting gases.

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Sustainable Goal

Roberto Herrera, CEO of Evergo Holdings, expressed his gratitude upon receiving this prestigious recognition and highlighted the company’s effort in contributing to the decarbonization of transportation, aligning with the climate commitments of the Paris Agreement.

“Evergo stands as an effective solution to drive the development of sustainable mobility by providing the necessary infrastructure that facilitates the widespread adoption of electric vehicles with a focus on building increasingly environmentally conscious cities,” he noted.

According to figures from the organization, Evergo has fulfilled its commitment to building smart and sustainable cities by successfully installing more than 1,000 public charging stations in Latin America and the Caribbean, resulting in a reduction of more than 1.5 million kilograms of CO2 emissions through its infrastructure.

From this vision, Evergo also strives to make electric mobility accessible and attractive to a wider audience through charging solutions for residences (My Evergo) and for companies or fleets (Evergo Fleet).

In addition, the company is moving forward with the development of Evergo Connect, the first electric charging station in the Caribbean, which features 28 charging points powered exclusively by 100% renewable energy.

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