Evergo to Invest $10 Million to Install 500 Chargers in Paraguay

With the aim of consolidating its position as one of the main players in the promotion of electromobility in the region, Evergo continues to make key moves.

A few days ago, the company signed an alliance with Wallbox to present new energy supply solutions to boost electromobility in the region, and now it is presenting a major infrastructure project.

Evergo will implement the first smart charging network for electric vehicles in Paraguay, under the regime of Law 60/90 on Incentives for the installation of industries.

Javier Díaz and Pablo Atencio, company directors, went to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC) to present the details of the technology, which will enable the advancement of the use of electric mobility in the country.

They explained that this involves the initial installation of 500 chargers, distributed throughout the country, with an investment of approximately USD 10 million over five years.

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High Technology

Evergo has a presence in conventional and renewable energy, with 1,000 megawatts installed in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Panama. It has the largest wind farm in the Caribbean in Panama, as well as in Uruguay and Chile.

As for the main area of coverage, they emphasized that it will be the triangle Asunción, Encarnación, Ciudad del Este, and then they will focus on certain areas that must necessarily have a charger for users.

“We have two types of chargers: fast and semi-fast. It is more of a strategic analysis, because there are areas where type 2 or level 3 are convenient; there are areas where both the quantity and a mixed charging system are convenient, depending on the user’s needs,” Diaz explained.

He detailed that in the urban area there must be more chargers, since 75% are used in that area. “The user pays for the car charging fee, through the application, an APP that manages everything: the reservation of the charger, the payment method and fee, and with 24-hour attention,” he expressed.

Progress from the Public Sector

Regarding this facility, MIC Head, Luis Castiglioni, pointed out at the meeting that the institution he is in charge of has been promoting the landing of electric mobility in Paraguay, through the signing of agreements, for example with the Korea Automotive Technology Institute (Katech), of the Republic of Korea.

He also recalled that this is a pilot plan to incorporate electric vehicles, cargo trucks and buses, in order to carry out tests and evaluate their efficiency for light transportation.

The competitive advantage that Evergo brings to electric vehicle users is that they will be able to connect, in an increasing number of countries, to the same intelligent platform used by all the stations affiliated to the network.

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