Evsy Lands in Colombia with Ambitious Freight Infrastructure Proposal

With the aim of revolutionizing and generating impact in Latin America in terms of mobility and cargo infrastructure, Evsy, a Chilean startup financed by the Kaufmann Group, the largest automotive conglomerate in that country, will begin operations in Colombia.

The platform will have the financial backing of the aforementioned consortium, which made an initial investment of US$2 million, corresponding to Company Builder funds.

With the financial resources, the company expects to consolidate in Bogota and Medellin during its first year. In these markets it will install at least 60 charging points free of charge.

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Increased Infrastructure

Pablo Maturana, CEO and Co-Founder of Evsy, pointed out that in Colombia there are about 150 charging locations for electric vehicles, a number that must increase for more people to consider replacing traditional mobility. “That is part of our bet,” he said.

The executive explained that the idea is to group all the available charging offer in public places, so that the user can locate the nearest point and pay for their consumption from a single application.

And, on the other hand, that in the residential segment, the complexes can acquire terminals free of charge to pay their consumption from the platform.

To achieve these goals, Evsy in Colombia will promote its two lines of business. The first is public charging, which represents 20% of its operation. The second is private or home charging, which accounts for the remaining 80% of its activity.

The company also wants to take advantage of the boom in the electric vehicle market in Colombia. According to the National Association for Sustainable Mobility (Andemos), 27,845 electric vehicles were sold and registered in the country in 2022, a figure that represents a year-on-year increase of more than 57%.

Latam Mobility Summit

Evsy‘s arrival in Colombia coincides with the Latam Mobility Summit in Medellin, a meeting that will bring together distinguished representatives from the public and private sectors, who will offer perspectives on the current state and future of sustainable mobility in the region.

The event will be held on June 6 and 7 at the Orquideorama Botanical Garden in Medellin. For information on participation and tickets, please visit info@investinlatam.org

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