First universal Charging Center Opens in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is positioned as one of the countries with more advances in electric mobility in Central America.

Through Law 9518, Incentives and Promotion for electric transportation have been generated, specifically in its Article 21 with the supply of electric vehicles.

The regulation establishes that the Environment and Energy Ministry will maintain a list of the models offered in the country by the importers of electrified cars, whose represented brands have electric vehicles in their national inventories.

These strategies from the public sector promote important milestones such as the installation of the nation’s first universal charger. The center is located in the vicinity of the Forum 1 Business Park.

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Joint Work

The infrastructure was made possible thanks to the public-private alliance of the Business Park with the National Power and Light Company (CNFL) with a significant investment in the project.

The new charging center has three connectors, making it possible to use any of the electric vehicles imported into Costa Rica.

Due to its location, it is expected to benefit electric vehicle users who frequent Route 27, as well as the western roads of the Greater Metropolitan Area.

Drivers will be able to charge 80% of a vehicle in a maximum of 30 minutes.

“Forum 1 is located in one of the main arteries of vehicular circulation in the west of the capital, so it seeks to contribute to the efforts made by the country, in promoting the use of renewable energy, in reducing emissions to the environment,” explained the Forum 1 Manager, Rolando Vieto.

“We have the capacity to produce renewable energy and this strengthens our brand,” said the acting president, Stephan Brunner, who participated in the inauguration.

It should be noted that in other parts of Costa Rica, CNFL has installed eight other charging centers, however, they do not have a universal system.

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