FOTON and Bimbo to Test the Innovative Electric Truck EST A

Bimbo, one of the most traditional companies in the Mexican market, announced a partnership with FOTON to collaborate in tests of the EST-A electric tractor-trailer.

The test will last about 5 months and will be in circulation between the metropolitan area of Mexico City and Toluca.

FOTON points out on its official website that in order to guarantee safety as well as the optimization of the vehicle’s technology through driving habits, training courses will be provided to the brand’s operators and technical personnel.

Photo: FOTON

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The unit that FOTON will provide for Bimbo‘s movement is equipped with Vision 360, a state-of-the-art telemetry system created to be the best ally of the operators, guaranteeing greater safety and better performance of the unit while driving.

The EST-A line is a successful development with the most demanding European standards and was achieved thanks to the close alliance of FOTON and Daimler. The result of the collaboration is a powerful truck that is also environmentally friendly.

The EST-A tractor unit is manufactured under a global supply system, with each vehicle undergoing the most stringent tests and certifications to ensure its premium quality.

It is equipped with a Cummins ISG diesel engine (Euro V) and an automated mechanical ZF Traxon transmission.

The EST-A has an innovative aerodynamic design that reduces wind resistance considerably, which helps to reduce fuel consumption and thus provide better performance on every journey.

Its cab structure, made of high-strength steel, ensures the safety of the operator and the load at all times; in addition, the comfort of its interiors increases driver productivity.

The initiative demonstrates that both brands are committed to leading sustainability strategies in the country, reducing carbon emissions in distribution and logistics.

Latam Mobility in North America

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The meeting will bring together industry leaders, major automotive manufacturers and prominent representatives from the public sector, who will offer perspectives and projects on sustainable mobility in Mexico and the region.

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