Geotab, Autocab LeasePlan and Megaflux Analyzed the Corporate Fleet Management Challenges at “Latam Mobility: Mexico 2022”

The optimal management of corporate fleets plays a fundamental role in the decarbonization and emissions reduction of the vehicle fleet, due to the great activity they carry out 24 hours a day.

The panel “Transportation in Business and Fleet Management Solutions” was held as part of “Latam Mobility: Mexico 2022”, a meeting that brought together representatives of the public and private sectors working in favor of sustainable mobility in the region.

Pedro Giraldo, Business Development Manager for Latin America at Geotab, explained how through telematics and a sophisticated platform they have managed to connect 3 million vehicles worldwide.

He highlighted that they are pioneers in sustainability reporting with science-based targets aligned to the Paris Agreement following the emissions reduction figures proposed in the pact.

Giraldo detailed that in Latin America they have formed important alliances and participated in initiatives to manage fleets of large beverage companies, mining, mass consumption, public transportation, among others.

He considers that decarbonization is key in corporate strategies, but it is a complex process that must be guided by specialists such as Geotab. He specified that the ideal is for companies to have efficient fleets, optimal use of vehicles and measures of the emissions they are generating.

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LeasePlan for Every Need

With more than 60 years of experience in leasing and fleet management, LeasePlan has arrived in Mexico to continue contributing to sustainable mobility.

Regina Granados, CEO of LeasePlan, explained that they have a comprehensive offering that covers costs, optimal models, terms, mileage management and how they can make their operations sustainable.

She acknowledged that in recent years they have had to deal with difficulties such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the shortage of microchips, which is why they have increased their portfolio of suppliers so as not to affect the mobility of their customers and by presenting solutions tailored to each user.

Granados also pointed out that the pandemic accelerated leasing in Mexico, a sector that has experienced significant growth among individuals and corporations.

She assured that through LeasePlan‘s services, exponential savings can be achieved not only by leasing but also by managing fleets.

Autocab and Focus on Alliances

The Country Manager of Autocab, Diego Pinzón, was another of the outstanding participants in “Latam Mobility: Mexico 2022” to offer his experience in fleet management.

The executive considers it vital to establish alliances between the different actors to accelerate change and break the paradigms that exist around electromobility.

He explained that they currently have 100 electric fleets in South America, distributed in Chile, Colombia, Argentina and Brazil. He assured that the company is betting heavily in the region with the implementation of natural gas and electrified vehicles.

For Pinzón, safety and efficiency in travel times are fundamental factors for users to adhere to this type of mobility.

Megaflux and Mexican Manufacturing

The Co-Founder of Megaflux, Felipe Gallego, pointed out that they are the first company with local production of electric vehicles that offers an integral electrification service for companies.

He indicated that there is currently a lot of fear on the part of users due to the enigmas that still arise within the electric mobility ecosystem such as, for example, charging infrastructure and car autonomy.

“We focus on helping customers overcome fear, we don’t just sell them but help them with the whole ecosystem, charging, autonomy,” he explained.

He stated that fleet managers have a great challenge to work together to eradicate the lack of knowledge in society about these new technologies.

“To sell you have to teach the customer what electric mobility is. It is a different transformation, our task is to teach them before offering them the product to reduce decision times,” he concluded.

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