Geotab Receives Recognition in Chile for High Sustainability Standards

The Ministry of Energy and administered by the Energy Sustainability Agency of Chile, through the “Giro Limpio” awards, recognized the technology of Geotab, a world leader in IoT and connected transportation, together with Triplezeta solutions for its leadership in the transportation industry.

This is a certification and recognition program for companies that contribute to reducing environmental impact by encouraging the efficient and sustainable use of energy.

Triplezeta has been working for years with Geotab technology to meet the sustainability and efficiency objectives of Giro Limpio and for this reason both companies were highlighted as protagonists in the operation of the program in Chile.

Geotab‘s technology allows monitoring of vehicle performance to identify opportunities for efficiency improvements and emission reductions.

In addition, Geotab provides valuable information on driver behavior, which helps to improve driving and road safety conditions.

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High Innovation

Pedro Giraldo, Geotab‘s Sustainability Leader, noted that the company views very positively what Giro Limpio is achieving as an initiative and that it will allow them to remain committed partners with the program and its dissemination.

“We always make available our international and local expertise along with innovation in technology to help the local freight transportation ecosystem on its path to sustainability,” he said.

“For Triplezeta, being a partner of Giro Limpio is a great commitment and a great opportunity. It challenges us to continue innovating and developing technologies that allow us to contribute to energy efficiency and emissions reduction in the land freight transportation sector in Chile. We are proud to have presented our solutions at the annual Giro Limpio certification ceremony, and we will continue to work hard to help achieve the program’s objectives,” explained Triplezeta’s Commercial Manager Claudio Ibarra.

With more than 22 years of experience and more than 3.5 million vehicles connected globally, Geotab has consolidated excellent results in the Chilean market and reinforces its commitment to the development of data-driven solutions that deliver valuable information for decision making aimed at sustainable and efficient management of road transport fleets.

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