Geotab Reported 200,000 Connected Vehicles in Latin America

Telematics has become a key tool for fleet management, with the aim of converting them into more efficient and less polluting units.

According to the Fleet Management in the Americas report, the number of vehicle management systems in Latin America is projected to grow by 12.6% and reach 8.5 million by 2026.

There is still a great area of opportunity in the region as telematics adoption is less than 20%, and there are a large number of consumer goods, logistics, last mile and fleet management companies looking for alternatives to increase the efficiency of their production processes.

One of the leading companies in this field is Geotab, which in 2022 exceeded 3,000,000 connected vehicles worldwide, and at the beginning of this year reached the important figure of 200,000 in Latin America.

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Technology’s Importance

Regarding the numbers achieved in Latin America, Juan Cardona, Sales VP for Geotab in the region, highlighted the relevance of telematics.

“200,000 connected vehicles are an excellent example of the confidence that users have in our solutions. This 2023 we will continue to strengthen our presence and partnerships, adjusting to the specific needs of the Latin American market. We know that this region faces constant economic challenges and we want to be their first choice to meet their needs with innovative solutions,” he said.

Cardona explained that the company’s technology platforms offer comprehensive solutions that not only connect vehicles to the network, but also provide detailed analysis on driving habits, travel history, risk registry, fuel consumption, among other key indicators to safeguard information security, the well-being of road stakeholders and the continuity of the operation.

These tools become even more important to optimize operations and reduce costs, due to the global economic crisis caused largely by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Geotab has options for small, medium and large fleets; in the case of the latter, of more than 100 vehicles, it has had great success in terms of return on investment through knowledge generated by the data collected.

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