Google Maps Activates Charging Station Detection in Argentina

With the aim of offering real-time information on electric vehicle charger locations, Google Maps activated this application in Argentina, a country that has shown significant progress in electromobility during 2022.

Since a few days ago, the Argentine version of the technology company offers filtering to find supply points. When entering the app, the user can select the search by sections and in “More categories” they will find the item “Electric vehicle charging”.

According to information published in “Inside Evs”, the system is being updated day by day (in 48 hours of monitoring and tracking new charging points appeared), and surely there will be some missing points that are not yet in the innovative tool.

For now, the results are few but the filters are many. For example, the platform allows filtering by distance from the customer, it can also identify it by the type of vehicle plug, or show only fast charging stations.

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Application Features

Through its sophisticated platform, Google Maps has the ability to display the battery level upon arrival. In addition, if the user does not have enough battery to reach the destination and several charging stops are required, all necessary stations will be automatically added to the route. The charging time will be included in the trip duration.

The driver will be able to ask the app to only show charging stations with a minimum power of 50 kW. According to Google, it can already be used in virtually any country that has an electric vehicle charging network.

How to Add a Charging Station to the Route?

The customer must click “Add charging stop”, then select a charging station. To report missing or incorrect information about a supply point, people can send their comments from their mobile device.

For an efficient station search, drivers can browse Maps for plugs compatible with their cars and choose from the options listed in the results based on charger types, payment networks and charging speeds.

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