HISPANO SUIZA Returns to the Spotlight with Strong Performance in Extreme E and an Attractive Sustainable Mobility Strategy

With an unwavering history dating back to 1904, featuring the manufacture of luxury vehicles and participation at the most traditional and prestigious competitions of the last century, the Spanish brand HISPANO SUIZA is relaunching itself by fully embracing electric and sustainable mobility.

The company returned to the spotlight with the launch of the “Carmen Boulogne”, a 1,114 hp electric supercar, and got back into the world of motorsport at Extreme E with Xite Energy, a British brand of healthy products. 

Despite not being involved when the tournament was first organized, HISPANO SUIZA took advantage of the withdrawal of one of the teams to sneak into the grid, and now that the first season is about to end, the team is ranked fifth in the standings, led by two talented drivers such as Christine GZ and Oliver Bennett.

A Wonderful Journey

For the brand, according to statements from management during various interviews, the initial Extreme E campaign has been incredible and they are happy with how the event has unfolded. They emphasize that the whole program prepared by the series exceeded expectations and the destinations chosen represent a great experience.

Sergio Martinez, CEO of HISPANO SUIZA pointed out upon learning of the team’s foray into the category, that one of the reasons for their participation is to reflect the importance deserved by electromobility and sustainability. “We have to be very aware that the world is changing and we must all strive to reduce our carbon footprint before it is too late.”

“It has been a historic moment for Hispano Suiza to return to the world of racing after so many years. We have been among the best in world motorsport making motoring a sustainable world,” Martinez emphasized.

In addition to the goals of protecting the environment, HISPANO SUIZA sees Extreme E as a great opportunity to evolve, as it is helping the automotive industry develop technology for the future by using racing as a platform for innovation on the road, accelerating change.

Extreme E, the first sports competition to be devised with a social purpose, aims to minimize environmental impact by raising awareness among citizens. It does this by racing in places that have already been affected by climate change, taking fans to the heart of the most pressing issues facing the future of the planet.

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