In Detail: The Collaboration Between VEMO and Santander to Promote Sustainable Mobility

At the end of last year, Banco Santander Mexico and VEMO, a company dedicated to promoting clean mobility technologies in Latin America, joined forces through a strategic alliance to advance electromobility. But how exactly do they operate?

The collaboration has led to the introduction of leasing solutions for customers, merging VEMO’s expertise in electromobility with Santander’s financial experience.

At the corporate level, VEMO operates the most robust and reliable charging network in Mexico, with more than 30,000 monthly charges, covering over 60 million electric kilometers since its founding in 2021, making it one of the highest mileage fleets per vehicle globally.

(Credit: VEMO)

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Historically, VEMO has reduced over 8,400 tons of CO2, equivalent to the carbon capture of more than 450,000 trees planted in one year. Therefore, strategic alliances like the one with Santander contribute to further increasing these figures.

How the Collaboration Between VEMO and Santander Works

Santander and VEMO focus on serving customers with fleets of more than 100 vehicles, a significant part of the market experiencing growth in the electrification of their fleets.

(Credit: VEMO)

The joint goal is to make a substantial contribution to the decarbonization of the transportation sector, where more than 95% of the sector’s demands rely on fossil fuels, resulting in over 20% of global pollutant gas emissions, according to the climate change book “The Carbon Almanac.

Moreover, the Latin American market lacked an integrated electric mobility solution that facilitated an orderly, rapid, and efficient transition.

Therefore, Santander and VEMO complement their capabilities, seeking to foster a sustainable and accelerated adoption of these technologies.

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