Kia Colombia to Sponsor and Exhibit Innovative Portfolio at “Messi10 by Cirque du Soleil”

Kia, one of the leading manufacturers of sustainable mobility solutions, has inclusion, art and sports as its pillars. In this regard, the brand announced that it will sponsor the Messi10 by Cirque du Soleil show in Bogota, Colombia.

This event, for the first time in its history, pays tribute to a soccer player. Rather than simply recounting the life of Lionel Messi, the show captures his core values and the key moments that led to his success.

Jorge Neira, general manager of Kia Colombia, said they are pleased to sponsor and be part of the event. “We highlight the character of design and artistic innovation that is behind an event like this and that are framed with the pillars of Kia, where art and soccer are aligned with our slogan “Movement that Inspires”.

Photo: Kia Colombia

Technological DNA

Messi10 always seeks to stand out for its spirit of innovation and creativity, which coincides with Kia’s philosophy, which seeks to innovate in technology, design, quality and sustainability in each of its models.

During the functions of this event, Kia will showcase the latest in its portfolio, attendees will be able to take a close look at each vehicle, exploring new lines framed in its brand philosophy: “United Opposites”.

The premiere in Bogota is scheduled for May 15, with performances that will run until June 16, taking place under the Big Tent located in Bogota, specifically on Calle 53 and Carrera 60.

Latam Mobility Colombia 2024

Latam Mobility, the largest sustainable mobility community in Latin America, will once again arrive in Medellin for its 2024 meeting.

The two-day event, on June 5 and 6, will bring together the most prominent industry leaders, along with public sector personalities, to offer their perspectives on advances in sustainable mobility, electromobility and sustainability.

More information about the meeting and participation here

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