Kia Prepares to Launch First Electric SUV

As part of its upcoming campaign “Here to reshape the way we move”, Kia offered an “appetizer” of its first electric SUV, the EV9.

The company presented the exterior and interior design of the car, which blends elegance and comfort. It is built on the Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), which allows for a long wheelbase and a completely flat architecture for ample interior space for up to six or seven passengers.

Kia’s EV9 is based on the “Opposites Unite Opposites” philosophy, which combines the opposing values of nature and modernity to create a harmonious whole. The designers integrated sleek, sculptural forms with firm geometry to create a contemporary SUV.

In the case of the EV9, the premise “Boldness by Nature” has been key to the vehicle’s exterior design, inspired by the interplay between natural elements and materials.

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The front design of Kia’s EV9 stands out for its defined lines and surfaces that convey confidence, clarity and tranquility. The body-colored grille accentuates the evolution of the characteristic “Tiger Face“, making its origin clear.

Vertical light clusters and slim daytime running lights emphasize the SUV’s visual width, while gloss black air intakes and robust underride protection enhance its ability to cope with a variety of road and weather conditions.

The rear end has a simple, clean design that reflects the vehicle’s assertiveness and safety. In addition, the rear light clusters have a similar design to the front lights, adding an elegant touch to the overall package.

On board, the EV9 features an enlarged high-definition in-car display for AVNT systems, providing an immersive experience that enhances the occupants’ interaction with the digital world.

Additionally, hidden touch buttons that control functions such as start are located below the screen.

The Kia EV9 will be unveiled globally in late March, and full details will be released during the event.

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