Mazda Pivots Strategy to Focus on Electromobility

With the goal that by 2030 between 25% and 40% of its sales will be electric vehicles, Mazda has developed a roadmap attached to new technologies to contribute to climate change mitigation.

The Japanese manufacturer believes that it is the duty of every company to carry out its corporate responsibility towards the earth and society, and therefore continues to conduct research based on its human-centered philosophy.

To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, Mazda set an interim goal of making its factories carbon neutral worldwide by 2035.

The Initiative is based on three pillars: energy conservation, a shift to renewable energy and the use of carbon-neutral fuels. In this effort, the company seeks to contribute to realizing a sustainable circular society while coexisting with local communities and residents.

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Action Lines

Under the motto of “co-creating with others,” Mazda will promote collaborative projects with a wide range of partners, refine its unique values, and adapt to significant environmental changes. In addition, it will invest in the people who are the origin of the company.

The manufacturer has set out to contribute to combating global warming through an electrification strategy suited to regional characteristics and environmental needs, and to conduct in-depth research on people to better understand their relationship with automobiles in order to achieve a safe and secure automotive society. All this while maintaining brand value management and brand principles.

Mazda also established a three-phase approach through 2030 to address electrification in a flexible manner. In the first phase, it will make use of its technological assets comprising multiple electrification technologies to achieve a reduction in its environmental footprint and produce attractive products.

In the second, it will introduce a new hybrid system and debut battery electric vehicles, while in the third course of action, Mazda will seek to promote the launch of a full range of battery electric vehicles and consider investing in battery production.

Mazda says they are committed to engineering and manufacturing, creating human connections and developing people in a way that elevates their mind and body.

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