Mexico City Government Expects to Activate Operations of Metrobus Line 3 with Electric Units Soon

Advances in electromobility in public transportation have made significant progress in Mexico City with the construction of the new Metrobus Line 3, which will be equipped with an impressive electric infrastructure.

Mexico City’s Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, toured the works that will represent a significant change in the mobility of the congested Mexican capital.

She explained that the benefits of electric transportation are that it does not generate polluting emissions, lower greenhouse gas emissions and does not emit noise in its operation, apart from the fact that its operating costs are lower.

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Joint Work

During the tour, Sheinbaum detailed that Metrobus Line 3 will have a total of 60 electric buses and will be a reality product of an alliance between the government with the Federal Electricity Commission and private companies such as ADO.

“This is one more step of the city for mobility in the future and that is electromobility. We have made a commitment to move forward and make public transportation increasingly environmentally friendly,” she said.

The capital’s mayor said that the implementation of this type of electric system is something innovative in the city, as it is the first electric BRT line of this type to be operated in the world, so -she said- the capital is committed to the environment, mobility and citizenship.

These 60 units will provide service to more than 200,000 users of the line that runs from Tenayuca, in the municipality of Gustavo A. Madero, to the town of Santa Cruz Atoyac, in the Benito Juárez district.

The Secretary of Mobility (Semovi), Andrés Lajous informed that they expect these electric units to start operating before February 20.

“We are going to see a massive substitution of trips that are made with an internal combustion engine, by replacing these buses that today are diesel buses with electric buses, it is the first time that this is done in Metrobus”, he pointed out.

The official added that around one million 358 thousand trips that are now made in the city have to do with transportation that runs on electricity.

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