Mexico Offers a Balance of the Electromobility Strategy Presented at COP27

During the last six months of 2022, important progress has been made in bilateral relations between Mexico and the United States in the area of electromobility.

Both nations held several meetings with high-level officials, with the aim of establishing a robust ecosystem with technological advances that place the region at the forefront of sustainable mobility.

In this regard, a balance of the joint proposal was presented at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27), held in Egypt.

Adriana Bustamante, Thematic Coordinator for the Environment of the Morena Parliamentary Group in the Chamber of Deputies, and member of the Mexican delegation that participated in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, pointed out that with the purpose of supporting the automotive industry in Mexico and the United States, to transition to the manufacture of electric cars.

“With this, to advance in the global goal of decarbonization of the sector, for which progress was presented on the joint initiative of the Government of Mexico and the University of California in the framework of the COP 27”, he said.

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Action Lines

The Working Group for the Electrification of Transportation (WGTE) contemplates the development of a diagnosis and recommendations that identify opportunities in this new sector, based on two approaches.

The first is a binational roadmap developed by the University of California, to be presented in the first quarter of 2023, to provide a regional perspective on the transformation of the sector, as well as specific actions to ensure an orderly and just transition.

The second will be a document developed by the General Directorate of Global Economic Impulse of the SRE, which compiles the opinions of the experts participating in the working sessions, complemented with additional research.

The document will be presented by Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard in December of this year and includes a diagnosis focused on light vehicles and 28 specific recommendations applicable to Mexico.

At a press conference held in the framework of COP 27 in Egypt, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provided an update on the findings and recommendations for the five thematic areas of the Working Group for the Electrification of Transport (WGET): Innovation, Human Capital, Supplier Development, Infrastructure Development and Governance Structures.

The next stages of the EWG include the development of work programs with the Mexican ministries responsible for decision making in this sector to implement the identified recommendations. These roundtables will also include industry and academia.

Goals Set at COP27

During the important meeting held in Egypt, Mexico announced an increase in the emissions reduction target from 22% to 35% by 2030.

This new update is a 5 percentage point increase over the 30% target announced by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat) on November 8.

These goals are in addition to nine actions that include solutions based on the protection of natural resources, low-emission transportation and the generation of energy with a low carbon footprint.

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