Nestlé Uses HVO Fuel in Trucks from Logistics Suppliers

In collaboration with suppliers ID Logistics and Masiques, Nestlé is embracing a greener future by opting to replace diesel with renewable HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel, supplied by Repsol in Spain, in a portion of its truck fleet.

Initiating a pilot project with the support of these partners, the companies are currently implementing this eco-friendly solution in six trucks assigned to two critical logistics routes for Nestlé.

This eco-conscious initiative has been in effect since November, with the utilization of advanced biofuel derived from recycled vegetable oils in two trucks responsible for transporting green coffee from the Port of Barcelona to the Girona factory.

For further environmental impact reduction, an additional four mega trailers operating on the route between Nestlé’s logistics centre in Guadalajara and the Girona factory have also been equipped with this sustainable biofuel.

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Nestlé’s commitment to emissions reduction

Distinguished by their renewable origin, these advanced biofuels primarily employ used cooking oils in this pilot project. However, Nestlé is exploring the possibility of incorporating other agricultural and forestry residues in the future.

By choosing these biofuels, Nestlé actively promotes a circular economy and achieves 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions per kilometre compared to conventional fossil fuels like diesel.

Importantly, the application of this advanced, sustainable, and renewable fuel aligns seamlessly with Nestlé’s existing internal combustion engine vehicles.

Consequently, the company plans to expand this pilot project to include more trucks and logistics partners in the coming months.

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