Nissan e-POWER Technology to Arrive in Latin America

While it is true that major automotive manufacturers have had operations in Latin America for years, the transition to electromobility and sustainability strategies have intensified their presence and interest in the region’s market.

One of these companies is Nissan, which recently announced that e-POWER, an alternative to conventional electric cars, is now available. The brand highlights that its 100% electric motorization provides powerful acceleration, immediate response thanks to its instant torque, silent operation and an exciting driving experience.

One of the main functions of this tool allows the wheels to be driven 100% by the electric motor, while a gasoline engine generator is responsible only for recharging the vehicle’s battery. This eliminates the need to connect to electric chargers.

Proven Technology

Nissan e-POWER has been an undisputed success since its launch six years ago in Japan, as well as in several Asian markets. With this technological evolution that represents the arrival of the technology, the company reaffirms its commitment to continue driving the innovation demanded by Latin American markets, impacting with competitive advantages for customers.

In this sense, the Managing Director, Nissan Importers Business Unit, Diana Torres highlighted that with the upcoming introduction of e-POWER in Latin America, the efforts for electrification in the region through innovative technologies continue.

“We are convinced that e-POWER is the right technology for our markets and that it will mark a new stage in the driving experience for our customers,” she said.

Torres explained that this launch is part of Nissan’s global strategy, whose vision is to become the most aspirational volume brand with the best customer service and experience. “That is why we will continue to strongly promote the renewal of our portfolio offering greater innovation, technology and safety, as well as mobility solutions for our customers in the region.”

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