Opel: Each Line to have at Least One Electric Model by 2024

Opel, an automotive brand with 125 years of automotive manufacturing experience, is embarking on a new era of sustainable mobility after revealing that it is committed to including at least one battery-electric model in every line of cars it offers by 2024.

Thus, this year will be an important one in its commitment to electric mobility, as the company joins the growing list of manufacturers that are responding to the growing demand for cleaner and more efficient vehicles.

One of the models that will undergo this transformation is the successor to the Crossland. This popular SUV will now join Opel’s lineup of electric models, adopting battery technology to offer a sustainable alternative to consumers.

Astra Electric

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Opel Moves Toward Electrification

In addition, the introduction of the new Grandland, also in 2024, will be assembled at the Eisenach plant in Thuringia, where Stellantis, Opel’s parent company, is investing more than 130 million euros to modernize the facilities and adapt them to electric vehicle production.

The Eisenach plant, with this investment, will become a hub for electric vehicle manufacturing within the Stellantis conglomerate, a move that strengthens Opel’s position in the electric car market.

Movano Electric

In this regard, it should be noted that the transition to electric mobility is a complex process, but Opel is demonstrating its capacity in this field by committing to electrify each line of its brand, a strategy focused on meeting the demands of today’s market while projecting itself into the future.

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