Peru to Have First Residential Building with Smart Charging

Peru continues to advance in initiatives to promote electric mobility. In this regard, AMMA Inmobiliaria presented the Nobel project, the first residential building with an intelligent charging platform for electric vehicles.

Located in Lima, the building will have 66 charging stations exclusively for owners who have purchased parking spaces with this system.

According to a report by Energía Estratégica, the platform was developed by Grupo Trianon, a company with a long history in the country in electrical equipment for energy distribution.

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In statements reviewed by the aforementioned portal, Luis Zwiebach, Manager of Trianon, pointed out that although electromobility is still in its infancy in Peru, real estate players, retail chains, housing, offices and hotels are already beginning to see it with good eyes.

“This large building will have a very attractive system that we hope will have a contagious effect on other residences and industries,” he said.

Photo: AMMA


Grupo Trianon detailed that the smart charging platform has a charge management system (SGC), which dynamically distributes the available electric power among the cars that are connected and charging.

The system will allow users to enjoy their electric cars, complying with all safety and electrical efficiency standards, in addition to the fact that no one will use the charger without authorization (with an RFID identification card), and will have an accurate monthly report of electricity consumption.

AMMA Inmobiliaria assured that the cost of charging at home, compared to an electric station with DC pumps, is significantly lower, usually representing only a third of the total cost.

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