Porsche, General Motors, Voltera, Andes Motors and ANAC to Introduce Technological Advances on Sustainable Mobility at “Latam Mobility Chile”

The main manufacturers of the automotive industry will meet next August 30 and 31, at the W Hotel in Santiago, to participate at the “Latam Mobility Chile”, the second face-to-face meeting of this 2022 organized by Latam Mobility, the leading sustainable mobility community in Latin America.

After the successful conference held in Colombia last June, Latam Mobility brings together the most prestigious global companies and representatives of the public sector to evaluate the challenges, opportunities and advances in mobility.

Iconic automotive manufacturers such as Porsche will be present at the activities to be held in the Chilean capital. The general manager of Porsche-Ditec Automóviles, Vicente Díaz, will be the company’s spokesman in the panel “Technological Advances in Sustainable Mobility, perspective of the automotive industry”, scheduled for Tuesday, August 30.

It should be noted that sustainable development is a key element of Porsche’s strategy. In this sense, the company takes key actions to avoid and reduce carbon emissions (CO2) throughout the value chain. The brand’s efforts include the use of green energy in its production facilities and the offer of hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

Giant General Motors

The iconic U.S. brand will also be gracing the panel of prestigious attendees at Latam Mobility Chile. The company has set its sights on being at the top of electromobility, which is why it designed a roadmap that highlights that, by 2025, 40% of the new cars it produces in the United States will be 100% electric, while by 2030 it expects to have some 30 models of this type on a global scale.

GM also presented its most recent innovation this year with the launch of Ultium batteries, which enable the recycling of materials such as cobalt, nickel, lithium, graphite, copper, manganese and aluminum. Thus, 95% of these elements can be used in the production of new batteries or for adjacent industries.

Voltera and the Chilean Market

Another brand to take part of the forum is Voltera, which specializes in electromobility and has had a positive influence on the Chilean automotive industry with the presentation of the first 100% electric van in the local market. It is the Rich 6 of the Chinese company Dongfeng, a four-door pickup vehicle with a capacity of five passengers, which has a proven maximum range of 403 kilometers.

The company’s objective is to massify the use of electromobility in Chile and Latin America, offering a comprehensive solution that includes the best electric vehicles at the best price, with the greatest autonomy, the fastest charging in the market and flexible financing.

For its part, the National Automotive Association of Chile (ANAC), as a major player in mobility in the country, will be represented at the Latam Mobility meeting by its 1st Vice President, Francisca Román Trujillo, who also holds the position of Brand Manager for Peugeot/Stellantis in Latin America.

Andes Motors, a company that represents leading global brands in Chile, will also be on the panel. The company has one of the broadest and most complete product portfolios in the industry, incorporating equipment with high standards of quality, innovation and safety.

It is worth noting that the leadership of the most emblematic brands in the automotive industry has been key in the great technological advances of humanity. Their evolution throughout history represents a key point for the citizens of the world not only in the way they move but also in the quality of life they lead.

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