Progress on Metro Line Highlights Bogota’s Mobility Balance Sheet

Bogota authorities offered a balance on the progress in mobility achieved during 2022. The Secretariat of Mobility, IDU, UMV, TransMilenio, Empresa Metro, La Rolita and La Terminal de Transportes held the Public Accountability Hearing.

Last year the city took important steps to catch up with major infrastructure works that will improve the quality of public transportation and reduce travel times for citizens.

In recent months, construction began on the First Metro Line, a means of transportation that will transport more than one million people a day, benefiting the inhabitants of 78 neighborhoods in the city.

In addition, feasibility designs were made and resources were obtained to finance the Second Metro Line, for which a bidding process will be opened this year.

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Transportation Progress

According to Bogotá authorities, the First Metro Line has made satisfactory progress on different fronts, such as the adaptation of the Patio Taller land, which is already 71.99% complete, the 72nd Street road interchange, the early transfer of networks and property management.

Also noteworthy is the progress made in the Metro feeder works, such as Avenida 68 and Avenida Ciudad de Cali. In addition, the expansion and construction of the Autonorte, Séptima and Calle 13 roads were made feasible with the National Government, and progress was made on the ALO Sur, ALO Centro and the expansion of the Suba-Cota road.

Electrified Units

In 2022, the capital reached the figure of 1,485 electric buses in operation, making it the city with the second largest fleet of electric buses in the world. Likewise, new routes were adjusted and implemented, routes were extended and more than 8,000 zonal stops were created.

With more than 300 interventions by cultural groups, recreational activities, festivals and reading promotion, the “Integral Strategy for Citizen Culture Team T” was developed, and progress was made in promoting respect for the rules and solidarity among users.

The personalities in charge of explaining the progress made at the hearing were the Secretary of Mobility, Deyanira Ávila; IDU Director, Diego Sánchez; TransMilenio Manager, Orlando Santiago Cely; UMV Director, Álvaro Sandoval; Metro Company Manager, Leonidas Narváez; Transport Terminal Manager, Ana María Zambrano; and La Rolita’s Financial Manager, Sandra Gómez.

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