Renting Colombia Triples Electric Fleet in Partnership with Muverang and Auteco Mobility

In Colombia, vehicle leasing is one of the most widely used services, occupying almost the entire market and is known as standard leasing. It is mainly used by companies to improve their business logistics.

For about a decade, a new model called Renting with Productivity has been working on, which consists of analyzing different elements that make the business operation more efficient in order to implement them and make the company’s operation more profitable.

One of the companies leading this sector is Renting Colombia, which continues to take key steps to remain a key player in the country. The organization announced that it tripled the fleet of electric vehicles in alliance with Muverang and Auteco Mobility.

They will initially have 300 100% electric vehicles in Medellín, Bogotá and Cali, projecting to deliver an estimated 1,400 vehicles by the end of the year.

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Ecological and Efficient

With an average use of 12,000 kilometers (km) per year of a private combustion vehicle, these electric cars would represent a reduction of around 570 tons of CO2 per year and more than 72,000 gallons of gasoline avoided.

This movement promotes a reduction in environmental impact, and reinforces Renting Colombia‘s commitment to promote new mobility options that allow us to continue connecting the country and promoting sustainable mobility systems.

Vehicles Features

The selected vehicles are Zhidou two-seater quadricycles, imported by Auteco Mobility. Of the first 300 units, 200 will be in Medellín, 70 in Bogotá and 30 in Cali and will be available for rent through Muverang’s website.

“In the history of Renting Colombia, this is the first time we have made an alliance of this type and delivered this number of vehicles to a company. This shows us not only that we continue to trust in the growth of the country and contribute to sustainable mobility,” Carlos Garcés, General Manager of Renting Colombia, said.

Zhidou quadricycles are vehicles for transporting 1 or 2 people within the city. They are equipped with air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors, entertainment center and a 370-liter trunk. Its electric motor delivers 30kW / 40.2 HP and the battery has a range of 150 km.

As for recharging, it can be connected to a 110V domestic outlet. It can also be connected to the network of public charging stations in cities.

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