SEAT Unveils Sustainable Mobility Project to King Felipe VI of Spain

This Monday, Seat’s Executive Committee, under the leadership of Wayne Griffiths, CEO of Seat and Cupra, was received in audience by King Felipe VI at the Albéniz Palacete in Barcelona.

The main reason for this meeting was to present to the King the details and progress of the Future: Fast Forward Project, an ambitious plan that aims to place Spain at the forefront of electric mobility in Europe.

This project seeks to transform the Spanish automotive industry towards greater sustainability and energy efficiency by promoting electric vehicles and green mobility solutions.

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Public-private Sector Meeting

Seat’s Executive Committee shared with the King the company’s strategic plans to lead this transition and contribute to the development of the electric vehicle industry in the country.

Among the most important details of the plan is the investment of more than 10,000 million euros, the construction of a Gigafactory in Sagunto for battery cells for EVs, as well as the plan to generate 145,000 jobs and 21,000 million euros in Spain.

The Palacete Albéniz in Barcelona served as the setting for this audience, which is part of a series of meetings led by King Felipe VI with athletes, businessmen, corporate leaders and politicians.

All this with the aim of keeping abreast of important developments in various sectors of Spanish society.
Thus, the meeting highlighted the relevance of the interaction between the public and private sectors in favor of sustainable mobility, aiming towards more sustainable and environmentally friendly options.

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