Seven Manufacturers Join Forces to Develop a New High-Powered Charging Network in North America

A new era of electric mobility is about to take off in North America thanks to an unprecedented collaboration between seven major global manufacturers.

BMW Group, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mercedes Benz Group and Stellantis NV have announced plans to establish a high-power charging network joint venture that will revolutionize the way electric vehicles are charged in the region.

The primary goal of this initiative is to install at least 30,000 high-power charging points in urban and highway locations across North America.

With this extensive infrastructure, electric vehicle customers will be able to conveniently and reliably charge their cars without worrying about the availability of charging points.

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Strategic Partnership

The charging stations will be located in strategic and attractive locations for users, allowing them to charge their vehicles while enjoying various services and amenities.

Sustainability is another key aspect of this initiative, as the joint venture is committed to using renewable energy as much as possible to power the charging stations.

This will help to further reduce the environmental footprint of electric vehicles, making the charging process more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

In addition, the charging network will be inclusive and accessible to all electric vehicle customers with Combined Charging System (CCS) and North American Charging Standard (NACS) connectors.


With the opening schedule scheduled for summer 2024, expectations are high for this high-powered charging network. The company is expected to mark a before and after in the electric vehicle market, further accelerating the mass adoption of this technology in North America.

Furthermore, this collaboration between competitors in the automotive industry demonstrates that electric mobility is an inevitable path to a more sustainable and cleaner future.

Together, they can make a significant difference and pave the way to a greener society, as well as team up to compete against the titan of the industry, Tesla.

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