Siemens Mobility to Introduce Digital Solutions for Unmanned Trains in Brazil

After opening a large innovation center in Valencia, Spain, Siemens Mobility is carrying out important projects worldwide to contribute to sustainable and technological transportation that improves the quality of life of citizens.

In Brazil, the mobility division of the German company is working on the development of a solution to ensure the safety of MRS Logística trains that transport ore with unmanned operation in a Self-Rescue Zone (ZAS), that is, where there is no presence or flow of people.

Through a press release, Siemens detailed that the project was developed for Newon, one of the largest logistics operators in the country, a leader in automation and customized digitalization technologies.

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How does It Work?

The technology devised by Siemens Mobility allows the train driver to get off the locomotive at the beginning of the section where it cannot run and find a station where he can remotely follow the autonomous operation of the system. If necessary, there is also the possibility of remote intervention.

It is based on an automation hardware architecture aimed at applications in railway complexes, with sufficient robustness to withstand the physical conditions imposed by this type of operation.

A platform is integrated with open monitoring systems through industrial protocols by means of 400 Mhz radio frequency and 4G LTE cellular network, using industrial internet of things IIoT technologies, guaranteeing total autonomy.

According to Siemens, the monitoring of the operation is effective through an industrial tablet on site and integrated to the logistics operator’s Control Center.

Felipe Azevedo, Siemens Business Development Engineer, explained that they have studied together with Newon how the automation solution could meet the safety requirements of MRS Logistics, which needed to remove the driver while traveling in risky areas.

Armored Technology

Siemens’ Digital Industries (DI), the platform on which this project is supported, is a leader in innovation, automation and digitalization.

Collaborating with partners and customers, it promotes a transformation in the process industries and discrete manufacturing. With its portfolio of solutions for the digital industry, it provides companies of all sizes with a complete set of products, solutions and services to integrate and digitize the entire value chain.

In addition, it has a program optimized to meet the specific needs of each sector, and helps customers achieve greater productivity and flexibility.

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