Stellantis Makes Significant Investment in LiDAR Technology

Stellantis Ventures, the corporate venture fund of Stellantis, announced an investment in SteerLight, a developer of high-performance light detection LiDAR technology.

This innovation uses silicon photonics to detect the environment in three dimensions with higher resolution and accuracy, at a lower production cost than currently available LiDAR systems.

Stellantis detailed that the goal is to enhance advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) in the brand’s future vehicles, including automated driving.

Photo: Stellantis

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One of the key benefits of SteerLight’s LiDAR technology is its potential to enhance advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) in future Stellantis vehicles, including automated driving.

This technology can provide drivers with a safer and more efficient driving experience, while opening up new opportunities for innovation in the automotive sector.

In this regard, Ned Curic, Engineering and Technology Director at Stellantis, expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration. “As part of our Dare Forward 2030 initiatives, we are committed to identifying innovative technologies that bring substantial value to our customers on a large scale.”

“Improvements in automated driving remain a top priority at Stellantis, and SteerLight’s innovative work has the potential to drive enhanced and widespread ADAS applications,” he added.

For his part, François Simoens, Co-Founder and CEO of SteerLight, also shared his excitement about this strategic partnership. “We are delighted that Stellantis’ corporate venture fund has recognized our innovation and is willing to support us in the large-scale adoption of LiDAR for industrial and mobility applications.”

“Our new LiDAR technology is key to supporting new services in the automotive industry, and we look forward to working together to advance the next generation of vehicles,” he concluded.

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