“Supercool” Opens Innovative Center in Mexico to Promote Sustainable Mobility

As announced in the “Latam Mobility: Mexico 2022”, Supercool inaugurated on January 12 the “Supercool Mobility Centers”, a large innovation complex where different actors will converge to promote sustainable mobility.

The initiative is focused on providing floor space and solutions to all types of vehicles, suppliers and brands to give more access to the market and promote electromobility and technologies.

In terms of climate change in the field of mobility, the platform seeks to move from abstract discussion to concrete actions by integrating initiatives, actors and solutions with tangible and measurable results in the short term.

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The center has physical facilities and virtual showrooms, repair shops, sales team and transaction or logistics management.

It also includes a place for innovation and development of new mobility, transportation and smart cities that seek to define the way we will live and move in the future.

As a catalyst for solutions, it has a training center to learn about the benefits and scope of the energy transition.

In this community, creators and innovators can find inspiration to approach the market for those who want to become zero-emission players.

For companies considering renewing their transportation processes and solutions towards new technologies, the solutions network is an alternative to eliminate the problems involved in entering the electromobility market.

Expansion Starting Point

This disruptive scheme of commercialization, exchange of ideas and supply was born in Mexico based on a collaborative economy model in which all actors in the value chain can participate.

The city of Puebla was chosen to host the first Supercool Center and soon there are plans to open centers in Boston, Dubai and Mexico City.

Later on, there are plans to open centers in Toronto, California, Miami, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Spain, Singapore and Turkey.

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