Technology Companies Introduce Electric Flying Taxi Projects in Brazil

The boom in the field of sustainable mobility in Brazil is reaching technological levels to make the country a benchmark in the region. Together with the increase in electric vehicles and government incentives, futuristic projects are emerging that break new ground.

In this sense, the Brazilian subsidiary Eve Holding Inc, focused on the production of vertical take-off and landing electric aircrafts, as well as mobility infrastructure in urban areas, announced an amazing plan.

The company reported that it expects to begin operating a commercial electric flying cab service by 2026, and has accumulated more than 2,770 orders for its vertical take-off and landing electric vehicles; however, production cannot begin until the model receives its official certification.

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It should be noted that before that year, the company must obtain official certification for the aircraft, as there are still no regulations for this sector.

Flying electric cabs are an interesting and futuristic proposal that could revolutionize the future transportation system in Brazil. Although there are important challenges to be overcome, such as safety measures, cost and even the country’s readiness for this change, as it could provoke some fear at first.


In 2022, Eve Air Mobility announced approval by the executive board of Brazil’s National Development Bank to support Eve’s eVTOL push with two separate lines of credit totaling $92.5 million.

With the resources in place, everything is on track to start industrial and transportation operations. According to initial estimates, the total project should cost at least US$540 million; however, the most important aspect of the project, the official certification to operate, is still missing.

Luiz Mauad, Eve’s Vice President of Fleet Services and Operations, commented that the company expects the authorities to make progress on official regulations for the sector this year.

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