The Brazilian Association of Electric Vehicles Elected a New President

During the General Assembly of the Brazilian Association of Electric Vehicles, Ricardo Bastos was appointed as President of the entity, for the period until April 2024.

Bastos had already been elected president by the ABVE Board of Directors on March 27. However, according to the organization’s bylaws, the appointment had to be endorsed by a General Assembly of members.

He was Director of Government and Institutional Relations at Great Wall Motors, and is one of the most experienced and respected executives in the Brazilian automotive industry.

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Partnership Readiness

Bastos assumed the presidency after the incumbent re-elected in 2022, Adalberto Maluf, announced his resignation from ABVE on March 21 to take up the position of National Secretary of Urban Environment and Environmental Quality at the Ministry of the Environment.

The new president stressed the importance of working together with other national associations and with the authorities of the three levels of government.

“We advocate a deep, respectful and productive dialogue with other entities, in defense of electromobility in Brazil,” he said.

“We will also advance in the work of rapprochement with federal, state and municipal governments to build together an electromobility policy that ensures the dissemination of sustainable transport technologies,” Bastos added.

Election Details

At the Assembly, Ricardo Bastos received a significant majority of the weighted votes of the 106 companies entitled to vote.

In an unprecedented manner, the ABVE General Assembly was both face-to-face and virtual, and voting was carried out quickly using an online tool.

Part of the members voted in the Eletra auditorium, located in the region of São Bernardo do Campo (SP), while another group voted remotely, by videoconference.

The Extraordinary General Assembly, called to endorse the name of the new president, was held in conjunction with the annual Ordinary General Assembly, scheduled for April 15 of each year.

In total, the members present voted on six items on the AGE and AGO agenda, all of which were approved by a large majority.

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